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Health Insurance Benefits You May Have

//Health Insurance Benefits You May Have

Health Insurance Benefits You May Have

You know it and your health insurance company knows it too.  People who exercise routinely are less likely to require medical services and therefore cost the health insurance companies less money.

In result, some insurance plans will actually help to cover the costs of gym memberships!  By investing in their clients, they can save money in long term insurance coverage.  Many of the major insurance companies offer discounts that can equal 30 percent off of monthly fees at a gym.  Some employers even offer discounts on gym memberships and will reimburse you $250 or more per year for you to crush workouts at your favorite fitness facility.

If you haven’t been convinced yet to contact your insurance provider or benefits office to find out any benefits you may be missing out on then we will give you one more reason: YOUR HEALTH.    Everyone knows it but only a very few people actual invest in themselves.  No matter what gym you go to or how much it costs you, you have to invest in the most important person you know.  Whether you are a mom, dad, husband, wife, friend or coworker, people count on you and (most likely) enjoy being around you.  Stick around for a while.

Live longer, join a gym.


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*Stats taken from CBS news.