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Fitness: The “Miracle” Drug

//Fitness: The “Miracle” Drug

Fitness: The “Miracle” Drug

While the following results may be atypical, there’s no denying that fitness has profound positive effects on your health.  Here is a story of how one of our members was removed from all of her medications after starting CrossFit…


“There are many reasons people join a gym. I too, have had many reasons over the years, and the top reason is always fitness. A year and a half ago, I walked into CrossFit ESC as an extremely out-of-shape, mid-lifer with an auto immune disease. I decided I wanted to try and lose some weight and get into better shape. Well a year and a half later, I can say that I have accomplished both. What I did not expect was that working out eventually got me off ALL of my medications that I was prescribed for Lupus. My doctor is thrilled with my current status. That was not a result I was expecting, but certainly is the one I am happiest about. Overall health is the main reason everyone should join a gym, and I am so glad I joined CrossFit ESC 18 months ago. Best decision ever. Thanks to everyone at ESC for your continued support and encouragement to get me to be the healthiest person I can be!” – Lynn B. 


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