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CrossFit ESC Pound for Pound, Age for Age Partner Liftoff!

//CrossFit ESC Pound for Pound, Age for Age Partner Liftoff!

CrossFit ESC Pound for Pound, Age for Age Partner Liftoff!


Ok, yeah it’s a long name for an event but we just want you to know that no matter your size, no matter your age, we want you to grab a partner and compete in the CrossFit ESC liftoff championship!

How it works:

There are six events in which either you or a partner will find a 1RM in a lift (3 each person). We will have a male and female division, partners must be of same sex.

Your total weight lifted will be divided by your team’s average body weight so now we have a level playing field for big guys and little guys.

Here’s the kicker, you will also get a multiplier of your final score depending on your team’s average age. Aka, the older you are- the more your multiplier.

Multipliers (coeffecients) will be those used by USA Powerlifting and will apply to both power and strongman lifts.  Click here for more info.

The Lifts:

Bench Press

Back Squat

Ground to Overhead with Log

Axle Bar Grip Hold (Ladder with ascending weights)

Yolk Carry 15 Yards. (total weight divided by 2)

The Rules:

Well, the biggest rule we have is that each partner must complete at least one powerlift and each partner must complete at least one strongman lift.

Upon signup, you must enter your birthday. Your age on the day of the competition will determine your coefficient. Athletes will weigh in upon arrival on the 13th.

The rules for each lift are standard for Power Lifting and Strongman lifting. More detailed rules and clarification to follow.



Want to sign up? Click on our Evenbrite page and make sure to e-mail us your partner’s name and ages!

Day and Time:

January 13th at 9:00 AM (check in and weigh in at 8:30). Depening on number of participants, we hope to have everybody done lifting and ready for some pops around 1:00 PM.

Example Scoring:

Partner A = 45 years old, 215 lbs.

Partner B = 55 years old, 185 lbs

Average= 50 years old, 200 lbs. (coefficient= 1.13)

Partner A

Bench Press= 275

Deadlift= 500

Yolk Carry= 700/2= 350

Partner B

Back Squat= 335

GTO= 205

Grip Hold= 225

Total weight lifted: #1,890

Total weight lifted with coefficient: #2,135.7

Total weight lifted with coefficient divided by average body weight: 10.6785

The team with the highest composite score will be the winner.