Komponist Eminem
Künstler Eminem
Datum der Veröffentlichung 15. Mai 2009
Product ID (ePID) 73495718
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Format CD
EAN 0602527032160


Artikel Name: RELAPSE
Genre: HipHop / Rap
Produkt Typ: CD
Label: Interscope US
Titelanzahl: 20
Dauer: 76:05

Trackliste CD - 1

1. Eminem - Dr. West (Skit) 1:30
2. Eminem - 3 a.m. (Album Version) 5:20
3. Eminem - My Mom (Album Version) 5:20
4. Eminem - Insane (Album Version) 3:01
5. Eminem - Bagpipes From Baghdad (Album Version) 4:43
6. Eminem - Hello (Album Version) 4:08
7. Eminem - Tonya (Skit) 0:43
8. Eminem - Same Song & Dance (Album Version) 4:08
9. Eminem - We Made You (Album Version) 4:30
10. Eminem - Medicine Ball (Album Version) 3:57
11. Eminem - Paul (Skit) 0:19
12. Eminem - Stay Wide Awake (Album Version) 5:20
13. Eminem - Old Time's Sake (Album Version) 4:38
14. Eminem - Must Be The Ganja (Album Version) 4:03
15. Eminem - Mr. Mathers (Skit) 0:42
16. Eminem - Deja Vu (Album Version) 4:44
17. Eminem - Beautiful (Album Version) 6:33
18. Eminem - Crack A Bottle (Album Version) 4:58
19. Eminem - Steve Berman (Skit) 1:29
20. Eminem - Underground/Ken Kaniff (Album Version) 6:19


Beschreibung Eminem placed himself in exile shortly after Encore wound down, a seclusion initially designed as creative down-time but which soon descended into darkness fueled by another failed marriage to his wife Kim and the death of his best friend Proof, culminating in years of drug addiction. Em none too subtly refers to that addiction with the title of Relapse, his first album in five years, but that relapse also refers to Marshall Mathers reviving Slim Shady and returning to rap. Relapse is designed to grab attention, to stand as evidence that Eminem remains a musical force and, of course, a provocateur spinning out violent fantasies and baiting celebrities, occasionally merging the two as when he needles one-time girlfriend Mariah Carey and her new husband Nick Cannon. Strive as he might to make an impact in the world at large -- and succeeding in many respects -- Relapse is the sound of severe isolation, the product of too many years of Eminem playing king in his castle in a dilapidated Detroit, subsisting on pills, nachos, torture porn, and E! Daily News. As he sifted through junk culture, he also tweaked his rhyming, crafting an elongated elastic flow that contrasts startlingly with Dr. Dre's intensified beats, ominous magnifications of his thud-and-stutter signature. Musically, this is white-hot, dense, and dramatic not just in the production but in Eminem's delivery; he stammers and slides, slipping into an accent that resembles Paul Rudd's Rastafarian leprechaun from I Love You Man and then back again. His flow is so good, his wordplay so sharp, it seems churlish to wish that he addressed something other than his long-standing obsessions and demons. True, he spends a fair amount of the album exorcising his addiction -- smartly tying it to his never-abating mother issues on "My Mom" -- but most of Relapse finds Eminem rhyming twitchily about his old standbys: homosexuals, starlets, and violent fantasies, weaving all of them together on "Same Song and Dance" where he abducts and murders Lindsay Lohan, suggesting more than a passing familiarity with I Know Who Killed Me. The many, many references to Kim Kardashian's big ass and minutely detailed sadism can get a wee bit tiring, Relapse isn't really about what Eminem says, it's about how he says it. He's emerged from his exile musically re-energized and the best way to illustrate that is to go through the same old song and dance again, the familiarity of the words drawing focus on his insane, inspired flow and Dre's production. That might not quite make Relapse culturally relevant -- recycled Christopher Reeve jokes aren't exactly fresh -- but it is musically vital, which is all Eminem really needs to be at this point. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine Stephen Thomas Erlewine


  • Artist: EMINEM
  • Marketing: Dennis Dennehy
  • Keyboards: Mike Elizondo
  • Engineer: Paul Rosenberg
  • Vocals: Elizabeth Keener
  • Record Label: Aftermath
  • Writer: Paul Rosenberg
  • Choir/Chorus: Tamara Powell
  • Producer: Dawaun Parker
  • Current Distributor: Universal Music
  • Guitar: Mike Elizondo
  • Guitar: Sean Cruse
  • Sampling: Eric Danchick
  • Engineer: Mauricio "Veto" Irragorri
  • Engineer: Ruben Rivera
  • Bass: Mike Elizondo
  • Guitar: Jeff Bass
  • Studio Coordinator: John Fisher
  • A&R: Tracy McNew
  • Record Label: Interscope
  • Record Label: Aftermath/Interscope
  • Performer: Angela Yee
  • Executive Producer: Dr. Dre
  • Vocals (Background): Traci Nelson
  • Keyboards: Dawaun Parker
  • Choir/Chorus: Charmagne Tripp
  • Vocals: Matthew St. Patrick
  • Mastering: Brian Gardner
  • Audio Production: Dr. Dre
  • Keyboards: Trevor Lawrence
  • Voices: Elizabeth Keener
  • Keyboards: Jeff Bass
  • Producer: Dr. Dre
  • Sample Clearance: Deborah Mannis-Gardner
  • Photography: Karin Catt
  • Producer: Dominic West
  • Mixing: Dr. Dre
  • Photography: Julian Alexander
  • Assistant Engineer: Lizette Rangel
  • Marketing: Andrew Flad
  • Choir/Chorus: Tavia Ivey
  • Assistant Coordinator: Damon "Bing" Chatman
  • Keyboards: Luis Resto
  • Production Coordination: Les Scurry
  • Performer: Steve Berman
  • Bass: Jeff Bass
  • Art Direction: Julian Alexander
  • Assistant Engineer: Mark Gray
  • Assistant Engineer: Robert "Roomio" Reyes
  • Producer: Trevor Lawrence
  • Keyboards: Mark Batson
  • Choir/Chorus: Kip Blackshire
  • Design: Julian Alexander
  • Consultant: Amelia Owens
  • Choir/Chorus: Lisa Ivey
  • Assistant Engineer: Conor Gilligan
  • Scratching: Trevor Lawrence
  • Publicity: Dennis Dennehy
  • Assistant Engineer: Tony Campana
  • Producer: Mark Batson
  • Engineer: Paul Foley

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