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Welcome to Crossfit Every Second Counts

Welcome to CrossfitESC, an all inclusive fitness experience! Our training staff will help you to develop your inner athlete, and have you prepared for whatever life throws at you.  Our goal of overall general physical preparedness (GPP) utilizes functional movements in a controlled environment so that these movements will translate to everyday life and make you a better you!!!

We strive to help you be the best athlete you can be. Whether you're a stay at home mom/dad or a corporate big whig, we are the facility for you.  With experience in training professional hockey players, local business owners, doctors, teachers, and "household engineers" we can scale any workout to any level of fitness.  Ultimate scaleability is what makes CrossFit so great. Workouts for all levels of fitness, and a very supportive community make Crossfit ESC the place to be!

We offer the best rates in Rochester with a training staff that has a combined experience of over 15 years training CrossFit!

See you soon!

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